Closer to you

You have two options, should you wish to try on a dress from the Lluïsa Vilà collections:
Option One Get in touch with your nearest boutique. Make an appointment. Give them the name/s of the models you would like to try (2 or 3 styles) and they will contact me. I will send the models to the boutique in time for your appointment. You can also tell me the name of the shop and the date of your appointment.
Once there, should you like the dress, they will take your measurements and we will create your dress and send it to the boutique for the professional staff can carry out your fitting. During the creation of your dress, please feel free to get in touch with me directly at any time.
Another Option:  You can come to my personal design studio. If you wish, you only need to come twice. The first to choose the model and the second time, your dress will be ready for you, together with all your accessories to have your final fitting. Come early in the morning, so that the fitting can be carried out and any alterations made that same day. In the afternoon you can take your finished gown with you
In order to be the day of the test first thing in the morning, we recommend spending the night before in the village. I give you two hostels economic reference:
This is all I can do to bring you and your beloved dress together..